Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Favourite Scents| Summertime

So summer is finally here (a very rainy one at that!) but here nevertheless! The thing that really makes me feel as if summer has really arrived is a spritz of my favourite summertime perfume!
I have chosen a selection of my staple scents that I have enjoyed for quite a few years now so I can tell you all about what draws me to them time and time again and maybe you can let me know what you swear by for those rare but beautiful sunny days.

At just £12.95 for the 70ml size I think that this perfume is such good value for money. The scent is floral though with quite heavy and ‘spicy’ undertones. I find this the perfect mix for a perfume, as I've got older those sickly sweet scents just don’t appeal to me like they used to! I would describe this as a ‘grown up’ light and sweet smell. 
I wear this for summer day times, it takes me back to memories in a sunny park, with a BBQ on the go and the sun on my face.
I would definitely recommend this if you’re not keen on those sickly sweet scents but still enjoy the girly playfulness of a perfume.

Ghost is a perfume that I have been re purchasing for years. For a 30ml retailing at just £23.99 I think that this is such an affordable product. I absolutely love the scent; it is light, fresh and young. There are definite hints of vanilla which I think is just so feminine. This is great for a day to day perfume which smells great but doesn't break the bank. I would recommend this not only for the summer months but a lovely staple smell for the winter to.

Now onto Miss Dior Cherie! My all time second favourite perfume! Though a 50ml bottle costing £44.95 it definitely isn’t one of the cheapest, it is such a lovely and delicate perfume to treat yourself to. 

I use Miss Dior Cherie for those special occasions or when doing something nice in the evening. The smell is just so girly and fun. It is a very sweet scent but with muskier undertones, therefore I don’t find it too overwhelming! 

This perfume reminds me of having long pampering baths, getting ready for a really long awaited night out ahead. 

I also love this perfume as so many people recognise it, or quite often people will ask you what scent you’re wearing as it’s just so unique!

Coco by Chanel is such a classic fragrance. The price tag is rather costly (£53 per 50ml) but for such a signature scent it is great to have for a special occasion perfume.
The scent is very heavy and warm and almost musky. It is definitely more of an evening perfume, opposed to the day. It’s seductive and feminine, but in a very dominating way. 

Here is my number one perfume! I have been in a long love affair with this scent for years! Retailing at £46 per 50ml it is a scent for those special occasions, I definitely wouldn’t wear mine everyday anyway!
I know it’s cliché but it’s definitely a love or hate perfume. It is extremely musky and strong but I find it so seductive and beautiful.
It’s a really hard scent to describe, but I definitely suggest you go and try it! Again I’d say its much more of an evening scent (I’m smelling it now and it’s just amazing!)

I'd love to know; what are your favorite summertime scents and have you tried any of the above?


  1. what an exquisite collection - my favourites are miss dior and chanel <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Love Chanel Coco and Dior Pure Poison.I like your blog, it's really nice and design is lovely*)